Labor Day Deals

Most people don’t realize how cheap I am. When they come to my house and see nice things they often assume I’ve paid a fortune, WRONG! Saving money is my favorite sport.

Yesterday, my neighborhood Value Village Thrift Store had a 50% off everything sale so I happily got my behind there bright and early.

I’ve been looking for a low profile table to go under the television in the living room. Everything I had found was either bulky, too tall or too expensive. I needed something that was narrow enough that it wouldn’t block the walkway between the front door and the hall. I also wanted storage. As cute as the living room is, the shoe rack and spill over bin are an eye sore. I spotted a piece that could work a few weeks prior at the thrift store and hoped it would be there when we went back.

It was! The price was perfect. Originally marked at $29.99, it was now on sale for $15. If need to refinish it but that’s half the fun.

Once we got a sticker for it, Mr. AD headed to stand in line. The line snaked around most of the store but it moved quickly. I ran over to houseware to search for unconventional planters.

If you take the lid off of a cookie jar, and put a drainage hole in the bottom, you get a planter. $2.50 is a great deal for a pot this cute!

I got another cookie jar with a honey comb detail along the bottom also priced at $2.50

It was the perfect new home for my cactus!

This I knew this cute pink pot would work well in my living room.

This tiny terra-cotta pot was only 50 cents!

These slim green vases are going to make for a stylish propagation station.

These stacking bowls would be easy to repurpose and they were only $2 for the set!

I rounded out my haul with 7 large mason jars for $1 each and an adorable picnic basket for $3. Then it was time to load the car with our new treasures.

The best part of driving a wagon is that I can fit a ton of stuff into the back of my car. I only had to fold down half of my back row to fit the dresser!

Once we got home, I immediately started rehoming plants! I had to take a break to go meet up with friend for lunch but I got right back to it once we were home again.

How good does my first succulent garden look?! I arranged it myself.

Here is how I styled the other white cookie jar:Can you spot my cactus I the pink flower pot that I scored for $1?? How cute is it?

The dresser is the perfect size for the space!

That’s all for now. I can’t wait to refinish this dresser. Do you think I should go with a bold color or classic white?? Leave a comment below to let me know!

Let’s be friends on social media! Did you score a bunch of killer deals this weekend? Are you refinishing a piece of furniture? If so, I’d love to see. Find me @theawkwarddomestic on insta so I can see your projects.

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