Walmart Plant Haul

This weekend I rearranged my living room and dining room to accommodate the needs of a few rather demanding plants. When I was done, the living room looked unbalanced since the left side of the room was underwhelmingly empty.

On the right side of the room, tucked behind our sectional is an almost six and a half foot tall Dracaena. Next to the Dracaena, I placed a really lush Sansevieria. On its own the Sansevieria is about three and a half feet tall, I set it on a low table to bump up the drama. I love how the textures of the two plants compliment one another.

I headed to Walmart to grab picture frame hangers and to see if I could snag the perfect green babe to balance out the room.

So I haven’t had much luck at the big box stores recently. Maybe now that it’s late August they are more focused on bringing in fall plants than continuing to stock indoor tropical varieties. Because of this, I had really low expectations heading in.

The first thing that caught my eye was a hefty pineapple palm. It was gorgeous but lacked the height I needed to fill the vertical space in the corner. Luckily, I found a Yucca Plant that was the perfect height for my space.

I wanted something to compliment the yucca by adding fullness towards the base and a fun pop of color. I also needed it to be tolerant of medium to low light like the yucca. Aglomena was a perfect fit! It was also a really substantial size so I was able to divide it and get two plants for the price of one.

The Aglomena has plenty of leaves that are in the process of unfurling so it will only get bigger and more beautiful in time.

I probably could have ended my shopping right then and there but… I just had to go outside and check out their other offerings. I was pleasantly surprised to find this Alocasia Polly.

Mind you it was in pretty rough shape. Lots of brown spots on leaves and it had clearly been overwatered. The poor babe was drowning in its pot but I knew it could be salvaged. I bumped into a manager and asked for a discount on the plant. She agreed and offered me 50% off.

I was thrilled! $6 for a plant that I had been eyeing for months is a huge deal! When I got to the register with my three plants and a waste basket that I planned on using as pot cover, I couldn’t remember the managers name so the cashier called over another manager. It took 10 minutes but I don’t mind waiting to save a few dollars.

Either the cashier wasn’t paying attention to my conversation with the manger or they were feeling really generous because they actually gave me 50% off my entire order!! I’m not one to argue with a good deal to I happily paid the $28 and skipped back to my car bursting with joy!! I still can’t believe what a great deal I got!

Here are a couple pictures of the final results from the living room redo:Above you can see how the room looks in the daytime with natural light. Below is the nighttime view.

I didn’t end up using my aglomena near the yucca but I’m always restyling the plants so I’m sure the smaller one will end up there eventually. For now, they frame my record player.

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Do you have any new additions to your plant collection? Have you recently restyled a room in your home?? You know I’d love to see! Tag me on Instagram! I’m @theawkwarddomestic on social.

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