Mango and Ramon

Here is the overly dramatic yet wholly accurate account of how we came to own Mango and Ramon:) Enjoy!

The forecast called for light showers between 5 and 7pm. What we actually got were torrential rains; downpours so heavy you’d think we were stuck in South East Asia during their monsoon season. When it started, we were in the furthest corner of the Six Flags America theme park. No amount of running would keep us dry, and with the rain seeming to come at us from all directions, there isn’t a raincoat or umbrella that could have either.

In an effort to avoid circling aimlessly looking for parking, I had parked at the very beginning of the parking lot. I figured, who cares about how close you park when you’ll be walking around for hours anyway. When we finally saw the car, it was sitting in at least 3 inches of brown standing water. The entire section of the parking lot had been transformed into a shallow swamp in mere minutes.

That must have been when Mango decided to hitch a ride with us. When we got back to the city the skies had calmed. Dusk was approaching the the world was a wash of soft pinks and bright oranges. I was so distracted by the sun set that I nearly missed the tiny blob sitting on the hood of my car. Thank goodness it wasn’t on my windshield because I would have certainly turned the wipers on. Instead I decided to examine it while I waited at a light.

The blob was a frog, a tiny frog, probably only an inch and a half at its longest point. How cute. Surely it would bounce off in a few lights, right? Wrong. It clung to my hood for fifteen blocks. Before I got on the highway I pulled over and put the blob in a cup for safe transport.

As soon as I saw Mr. AD, I proudly announced that I had a surprise. He looked at me suspiciously. I pulled the cup from behind my back. Before telling him what it contained I started begging him to allow me to keep it. See, Alfredo had already shot down my requests for a dog, another cat and seemed hell bent on having Giggy be our only pet. But in this case the pet had come to me rather than me seeking it out. After 15+ blocks it seemed like the tiny frog had made up his mind about coming home with me.

Alfredo inspected the new frog. He had to admit that he was really cute. A few minutes later, Fredo gifted him with a name, Mango. Just like that, he became a part of the family.

I placed a peperomia cutting that I had recently transferred to soil, in the bottom of a glass jar with water and a dead house fly. I transferred Mango to the jar and left the top slightly cracked so he could get air.

The next day I showed my work kids the new addition. Joaq had to go to school but Gray accompanied me to PetSmart where we found out Mango is a tree frog. We also purchased everything we needed to give him a proper home, including a friend, a green anole.

Because it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, I waited until Mr. AD got home from work to break the news that I had gotten yet another pet. It took two days but he settled on the name Ramon for our green anole.

They are perfect. Ramon is full of personality, constantly running around and climbing while Mango has proven himself to be a masterful hider. We rearranged plants and furniture to give them a prime spot in the dining room.

Welcome to the family Mango and Ramon!

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