Coral Cactus Rescue

Earlier this week I picked up a gorgeous Coral Cactus babe at Home Depot. I shrieked when I saw it (because I’m dramatic af)! I’ve wanted one for a while, but can you blame me? Their coloring, texture and striking abstract appearance make them equal parts house plant and art piece. At $15, it was reasonably especially considering the cute red pot.

The only downside was the poor girl was imprisoned in a rocky jail. The grower glued not only the rocks, but also several inches of the soil in place around the plant. I’m guessing this was done to avoid shifting in transport. Whatever the reason, it seems like a great way to kill a plant. Water can’t get through those layers. I’m also guessing the glue soaked soil doesn’t encourage growth.

Step was was heading outside. I knew this would be messy. I worked on top of an old lawn and garden bag because I’m all about an easy clean up! I used an old butter knife to break up the rocks and the soil

After I got the cactus freed from the pot, I mixed some of my potting mix with the sandier soil from the bottom of the pot to rehome it.

I’m sure this little guy is happier already!

I crushed up the rocks and put them back on top of the soil. They should help hold moister in the soil.


Thank so much for stopping by! Do you have a Coral Cactus? If so I’d love to see it! Follow me on Instagram so I can see pictures of your plant babes! Let’s be I insta friends! I’m @theawkwarddomestic.

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