RIP Philodendron Hope

When my philodendron hope arrived, I didn’t know what it was. I had ordered a ZZ plant on amazon. That wasn’t what showed up. I ran it through PlantSnap.

The top hit was lacy tree philodendron:

the second was Swiss cheese plant:

Neither of them seemed right so I posted a pic on Instagram asking the insta-plant community for help. Thanks @blackgirlgreenthumb for the ID!

I tried guys: Let the soil dry out for the first two inches, mist every couple of days, indirect bright light. Yet every day another leaf fell or another brown spot showed up.

I was ready to write it off. I was thanking the universe that I didn’t pay for this doomed beauty when I noticed these tiny buds of new growth.

I hope so! I’m moving it to a sunnier spot (still indirect) and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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