Abstract Hallway Mural

The hallway in our bedroom separates the sleeping area from our bathroom and a closet we converted into a “gaming cubby” for Mr. AD. That poor hallway needed some help. The flat paint was covered in finger prints and looking sad. We have a sloped roof so every time Mr. AD, who happens to be 6’3, walked down the hall he ducked. Mind you, he doesn’t need to duck but when you’re that tall, it’s better safe than sorry. Today’s blog post is all about how I solved both issues with one project.

I’m a closeted paint addict. Like any respectable paint junkie, I have tons of half used paint cans sitting around in my basement. Instead of going out and buying paint, I turned to theses left over reserves for my hallway project. Our hallway is fairly long so I knew a half used can wouldn’t cover the entire wall. I’d need to use at least two if not three cans, which meant multiple colors. But how? Ombré? Above my skill set. Stripes? Too boring and ain’t nobody got time for drawing perfectly straight line from floor to ceiling. Then it came to me! I’d do a mural!

The first thing I did was paint the center of the wall yellow to match the color in the sleeping area. I barely had enough yellow paint so I decided I’d do a more narrow section at the top and wider at the bottom.

Then I taped off a mural design. I didn’t sketch out a pattern. It was completely random and to be honest, I was a little nervous. Mr. AD thought it looked crazy. He usually thinks my best ideas sound nuts so I knew I was in the right track. I used a lot of tape because I knew the areas I covered would later reveal the yellow base paint. This center section anchored my design and allowed me to create sensible separations for the different colors.

After the yellow dried I applied the first blue shade. I used it to paint 1/3 of the wall and sections of the mural. I waited until that shade of blue dried completely, then I moved some of the tape to change the design.

I used my third color to fill in parts of the mural and the final third of the wall.

I did a really simple design on the opposite wall.

Tad-a Art! My favorite part of this mural was that it was free! Designing areas doesn’t always have to cost a bunch of money. I loved these bright colors and I’m glad I got to incorporate them in my bedroom.

The triangle shape of the mural draws the eye up, making the hallway look taller than it did originally. Mr. AD noticed that right away. He no longer ducks. He was right, it was a nutty idea when I started but the best ideas always are. Don’t be afraid to try bold colors and designs in your space. If you do, be sure to tag me @theawkwarddomestic in your posts so I can check it out.

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