Blue for You: Guest Room Redo

If you’re anything like me, picking a paint color can takes days, heck even weeks! When I decided it was time to redo our guest room, I knew I wanted to go dark. Initially, I thought about painting the room black. I thought, won’t it look nice with all the white crown molding and trim? How edgy! But I couldn’t work up the nerve to do it. I actually had a dream that potential buyers came to the house and freaked out because of the black room.

My next two options were dark gray, maybe a cement textured finish (my idea book is filled with bold stuff like this) or a navy blue. On its own, navy blue seems quite daring when used as a wall color. Compared to the original two options though, I’ll admit, it’s almost subdued.

Picking the right shade and finish were almost as difficult as deciding on a color in the first place. I hate flat paint so I never even consider it. Eggshell was a bit too shiny so I went with Bear Marquee Matte finished Admiral Blue. I needed 2 quarts.

Curtains are like a room’s eyebrows. In fact, I get more compliments on my living room curtains than any other item in my home! I consider drapery an investment because it’s the first thing you notice when you enter a space and it really sets the tone. I’m all about mixing high end and budget friendly items but I’m also cheap! If I see an item I love, I will gladly stalk it until it goes on sale! If you don’t need floor length curtains, you don’t necessarily have to spend that extra money, especially in a secondary space like a guest room.

The rest of the look came together fairly quickly. I knew I wanted to do white and silver accents to pop against the blue. I’m all about giving guests a “hotel” experience when they visit so comfy bedding was a must!

You can never have enough pillows! This bed has EIGHT total. I know, I know that’s a lot but it’s worth it! I decided to skip a headboard so I piled on the pillows to be sure the bed wouldn’t feel like an after thought. The gray throw pillows are a lush velvety material. The oversized navy throw pillows are a also velvet and their embroidered pattern takes them feel even more luxurious. The sheets, super high thread count, feature navy and white stripes because a theme is a theme and must be followed! I finished off the look with a simple white quilt and a cozy navy throw blanket.

Don’t forget to throw in a couple pieces of art. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be impactful. The canvases hanging above the bed tied together the room’s color story.

To add some additional interest and bounce light around the room, I added a lamp in the corner and cute (but cheap) funky white mirrors. I snagged the mirrors at Target from the discount section in the front of the store.

Last but never least, accessorize! These side tables were a steal! I picked them up at Ross for less than $60 for the set. One is slightly larger than the other. The throw rug was also incredibly affordable! Thank God for prime!

Here is the final look:

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