Happy Birthday Lincoln! Hosting a Budget Friendly Birthday for one of our Favorite Four Year Olds

Mr. AD and I are not parents. We throw a fair number of parties but they are generally kids free zones. Our house is a sort of adults only escape for our friends; a place where they can engage is judgement free foolery without concerning themselves with prying little guys. Think water balloon fights and tequila filled mini water guns.

This weekend we hid the booze and filled the house with balloons and Ninja Turtle magic for one of our favorite little guys. Lincoln turned 4 and it was our honor to host his birthday party. Unfortunately, his younger brother Langston has been hospitalized for a couple of weeks so we wanted to help lift their family’s spirits.

Mr. AD made an awesome chalk board sign for the front steps. We already had the board and the markers so this special touch was free.

We only spent around $100 for the entire party. In order to get the most out of our minimal budget, I had to focus on high impact low budget items as well as repurposing things I already had. I’ve found that balloons are a perfect solution for cheap kiddie parties. Kids love to play with them, honestly the under 5 demographic can keep themselves entertained for hours with a balloon. Fill a room with balloons and even the adults will want in on the fun.

We turned a spare bedroom into a balloon and bean bag pit. I made sure to line the edges of the room with blankets and pillows just in case we had a toddler tumble.

I pushed the furniture aside in the living room so there was literal wiggle room. More balloons helped set our festive mood.

Snacks for the adults went on the bacon table…

While the record player made a good landing spot for our punch set up.

This was an adults only station. The punch was free of alcohol, but I used glasses instead of paper cups to save money. There were juice boxes for he guest of honor and his friends in the dining room.

I decked out the TV with more balloons (of course) and played the live action Ninja Turtles movie in the background all night.

In the dining room, I set up a crafting station. People were able to rotate through three activities.

I laid out inexpensive canvases and paint. I already had these items so they cost $0. I also put out play dough. I picked up 7 containers at Walmart for only .50 each! Lastly instead of spending hours baking and decorating a cake, I made cupcakes. I made two Fondant Ninja Turtle Cupcake toppers as samples before the party started. I laid out icing, assorted colors of fondant and molding tools and invited guest to make their own turtle toppers. The adults got surprisingly competitive

We had a really great time celebrating the little guy. I ended my night in the bean bag with the birthday boy

Happy Birthday Lincoln, we love you

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