Bathroom Refresh

Hey y’all. It’s been a while, how have you been? Anything noteworthy happening in your neck of the woods? I’ve still been slugging away, trying to keep up with the Kondo craze currently sweeping through the nation. I took a break to the redo our main floor bathroom. That much folding and sparking joy left me desperately seeking some instant gratification. Luckily, with $100 and a little elbow grease gratification was mine!

Since moving in, the main floor bathroom has gone through a total transformation. Some upgrades were completely cosmetic while other were done out of necessity. It’s the first room to be entirely finished in the house. Yayyyyy!!! I’ve been living here for about a year and a half so it’s been slow and steady.

Let’s look back at what the bathroom originally looked like:

The bathtub and toilet were in great shape. The only things I had to do were replace the toilet seat and chalk around the tub. Chalking is harder than it looks! Definitely go with the clean finish tool.

Oddly, the only mirror in the bathroom was the one on the front of the medicine cabinet. It’s in an awkward corner by the door. Shortly after we moved in I hung a rectangular mirror that I already owned. I also replaced the tropical (*cough* hideous) light switch cover.

The original sink was not my style at all. I thought the base looked really dated and the bowl top seemed like an odd choice. My friends and family actually loved it until they realized how impractical it was. I had to replace it because it constantly got clogged and the bowl top was so wide there was barely room for anything other than a bottle of hand soap.

A few months after closing, the sink issues (clogging and leaking) became unbearable so we replaced it.

Next came paint. I didn’t mind the original color but it was a flat finish. Semi gloss is a lot better for a bathroom. Plus any excuse to paint is a good excuse. I love the new earthy orange shade!

My mom gifted me a mirror a few years ago. I had yet to find a good place to hang it until now. I snagged the perfect mirror for over the sink at target. The gold tone really looks lush against the orange walls.

The new mirrors and old art helped to add the illusion of height to the space. The mirrors bounce light around the bathroom making the space seem even brighter. While I can’t see myself in the mirror above the towel bar, Mr. AD is 6’3 and certainly can.

I added a towel hook in case we had multiple guests at once. Confession: the first time I hung this towel hook, it fell after about a month leaving a silver dollar sized hole in the drywall. No bueno! When I finally got around to hanging it again, I made sure to look up how to install drywall screws on good ol’ YouTube.

I love using power tools so it was lots of fun.The funky horse print is masking the hole. I finished the look off with a new curtain, fresh towels and an updated bath mat.

I rewarded myself with a celebratory bubble bath!

What projects are you working on at home? Pics or it didn’t happen! Pls&thx!

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