Digital Claustrophobia

Dear Blogosphere,

WTF? What’s with all the mixed messages? One minute I’m being told to choose a specific audience and cater my content to them, don’t stray from your niche…OR ELSE! The next minute I’m being told to write what I please and the followers will…you know, follow.

Well, I’m digitally claustrophobic. I love writing about domestic duties but I’m also itching to write about my other passions like politics and pop culture. I want to share what I’m listening to and the books I can’t put down. I want to know how you feel about the state of American politics and if the dream we were all promised is surviving in the age of social media. I want to say FUCK without fear of offending the mild mannered old lady that once liked a post I wrote about cupcakes.

I don’t want to have the all white backgrounds the hugely successful fashion girls are using. Nothing about me or my lifestyle are all white. Hell, I can’t even eat a sandwich in a white T-shirt without making a mess of it (sad but true).

So I’m going to follow Alfredo’s advice and say FUCK IT. I’ll write what I want . No one else is reading consistently anyway so I might as well enjoy it. And to the few who do read consistently, thank you.

Trust me it’s only going to get better. More Awkward, less filtered, all me.

Get ready.

❤ P

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