Kondo Krazy

Am I the only one that thinks the universe is constantly trying to communicate with me? It really is! I’ve spent the last two weeks whipping my house into shape so I can live my best life all 2019. I’ve organized the master bath and kitchen, gave the guest bath a refresh, put Christmas away remarkably early and shown the living room some love. The last (and biggest) hurdle is my bedroom. Because the universe knows I need a little kick push, Marie Kondo magically showed up on Nextflix with a show just for me!

Of course I already own her book. I purchased it 2-3 years ago thinking I was ready to leave my hot damn mess less than tidy ways in the past. Turns out, I wasn’t ready.

Something about the idea of placing every item of clothing I own in a massive pile filled me with horror. I’m not kidding.

Some people are afraid of clowns or men wielding chainsaws. I on the other hand, have very practical fears like having my card declined at brunch, identity theft or facing the near hoarder level of clothing I’ve amassed all at once. Even typing that made me quiver.

And how am I to do it without Marie I-Love-Mess Kondo by my side? What would I do without her little voice squeaking ever so sweetly as she whispers “sparks joy”?!? I honestly don’t know.

Usually I write a blog post about a project once I’ve completed it. This task is so daunting, I need a post just to work up the nerve to get started. If anyone needs me I’ll be thanking a mountain of clothing before releasing it into the world aka The Goodwill. Hopefully, my old stuff can spark joy for others.

Have you caught the Kondo fever? Is it as life changing as her clients on the show claim? I sure as heck hope it is!

Wish me luck friends. Feel free to send reinforcements and small boxes (apparently I’ll need a lot of those)!

❤ P

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