Kitchen Feng Shui

Hey Guys! Welcome back, I hope your week is going well. As promised, I’m going to be discussing changes I’ve made around the house to help me keep my new year’s resolutions.

As I was thinking about organizing my kitchen, the Feng Shui concept came to mind. When I decorated my living room, I was all about promoting good energy. I made sure to place a mirror across from my front door and arranged the furniture to maximize the flow of people and peace. As I tackle the kitchen I want to bring some of that in. Aside for my bedroom, I spend the most time in my kitchen so it’s important that I get it right.

Let’s get to it! A quick recap for those who missed the last post, I’m resolving to change my mindset this year. The three goals I’m working on are:

I’ve lived in my house for a little over a year. When we moved in, I unpacked the kitchen as best as I could but there was no way of knowing how the new layout would work. This week, I spent three days doing a grand kitchen reorganization. I cleaned out every cabinet, the fridge, and pantry. We downsized, not only getting rid of things that were past their expiration dates but also things that didn’t fit in with our lifestyle.

So here is my new layout:

The kitchen wasn’t bad before but now its way less cluttered!

You have to have healthy foods on hand. You need to know easy ways to cook them, and you need to have a kitchen that you want to cook in. You’re probably asking yourself, what the heck do you mean, “want to cook in?”

I used to have a massive collection of spices. I realized I wasn’t using a lot of them so I donated what what I could

and moved my spices to a smaller cabinet. The items I use most frequently are on the bottom self. The rest of my spices are divided into containers for sweet and savory.

Keeping spices organized like this actually saves a lot of time. Bonus, I’m 5’2 so keeping spices in bins helps me reach everything easily.

I put cooking gadgets and appliances in my old spice cabinets. Most of these items were previously crammed in a lower cabinet.

I couldn’t see or access them easily which meant I didn’t use them often. When I did it was a headache finding accessories for each item. To win the accessories battle, I use plastic containers to group items. If I want to make more smoothies and shakes, having the nutri-bullet handy is sure to help.

After the clean out came the restocking. Like I said, it’s all about having the right things on hand.

But…if you have to run to the grocery store, it’s going to be a pizza night so make sure you’re stocked up!

My favorite dry/canned goods to have on hand are beans, lentils, rice, corn and pasta. It’s so easy to throw together pasta with a sauce and veggies or a crock pot chili. Pasta sauce is also a must have! Yes, making pasta sauce is pretty easy but it can be time consuming. Remember, I’m planning for failure. I use a rack to store the cans in my pantry because it saves space. It doesn’t have to look pretty, it just needs to work.

I also keep a good variety of frozen proteins in the house. Right now we have two kinds of fish, a whole chicken, and chicken thighs. Before running out in the morning, I can simply grab something out of the freezer and stick it in the fridge to defrost so I’m ready to go when I get home. I also have a couple frozen stuffed pastas in the fridge in case things fall apart last minute. These are perfect for nights where I have to work late and Mr. AD has to fend for himself.

I revamped how we store food in the fridge so that fruits and healthier options were the first thing I saw when I opened the door. It’s already working. I’ve caught Mr. AD happily snacking on grapes instead of his usual chips/cracker options.

I put a pack of index cards in my junk drawer to use as weekly menu planners. Nothing complicated. I simply write out the five weekdays and what our main dish is for dinner that night. I’ll check in with the index card so I know what to defrost, or prep ahead.

Alright, that wraps up the kitchen redo! What areas of your home are you currently working on? Do you have any helpful tips for staying organized? Let me know in the comments below!

Next up, I’ll be tackling the smallest room in the house, my master bathroom. Trust me guys, it needs help!

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