World’s Easiest Salmon

If so, you can totally make this delicious salmon dish! There is 0 prep time, only one ingredient and it’s nearly impossible to mess up! The best part is you can prep the rest of your dinner while the salmon cooks so it’s also a major time saver! You’re welcome.

Before we get to the recipe…story time: My old roommate Doug and his equally brilliant and beautiful, French partner Cathrine came over for dinner a few months ago.

Cathrine left, I’m centered, Rebecca right:)

I had purchased some high quality wild caught salmon but forgot to marinade it earlier in the day. Fail! Fortunately for me, Cathrine is also an awesome cook. She stepped right in and saved the day!

She taught me a super fast and simple way to prepare salmon. It’s now my personal favorite (mostly because it’s so easy). Cathrine is the gift that keeps giving so she also gave me the recipe for a delicious remoulade sauce that pairs perfectly with the fish. Chances are, you already have everything you need for the sauce in your fridge.

But first, the fish:

Note: There is NO NEED to season or flip the fish. Sounds crazy but trust me, you won’t miss it!

Once the fish is cooked, pull the fish from the basket, plate and serve it with homemade remoulade sauce.

Don’t worry, of course I’m going to give you the recipe for the remoulade!

You’ll need mayo, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, fresh parsley, pepper and mustard. Mix and yum! The best part is you can totally fake this sauce. This week I didn’t have lemon juice or parsley so I threw in some capers and half a teaspoon of the caper juice with mayo, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper and mustard. It was equally as delicious.

Both picky eaters and those with refined pallets will love this dish. I served it with a variety of oven roasted potatoes that I gave a toss in a homemade garlic butter, roasted carrots and a spicy arugula salad. All YUM!!!

All together it took me about 45 minutes from start finish. Most of that time was spent watching Netflix from the couch as the fish steamed and the veggies roasted in the oven. This is sure to be one of your go to, easy week night meals!

Try it out! Let me know how it goes! What’s your easy go to recipe? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ P

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