Christmas Day Tradition

Merry Christmas everyone! Well, it’s the 26th so Happy Boxing Day. I hope you all had a wonderful day surrounded by friends, family and love.

While Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday by far, (all the food and family but none of the stress of gifting) Christmas is a close second. Decorating is at its most festive, crisp air is perfect for cuddling and matching PJ’s can’t be beat!

I’m a sucker for traditions. For the last three years, I’ve taken my family snow tubing at Whitetail Ski Resort. We live in the DC area so it’s an easy hour and a half drive north right over the Pennsylvania boarder.

Typically, we have 12-15 family members along for he fun. This year, Mr. AD and I took both of our families. His family had never been before but it’s safe to say they loved it!

Personally, I think our culture has become too disposable. Children get so many gifts, by the next year they are usually broken, discarded and forgotten. I’ve decided to only gift my niece and nephews experiences and books. As nice as toys may be, I know between their parents and other family members they will receive dozens. I’d rather make a memory with them and have pictures to remind us of time well spent. Memories and experiences are some of the only gifts you’re family will never outgrow. Make them often, make them together, make them memorable.

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Be sure to leave your favorite holiday traditions in the comments below🔽🔽

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