Christmas Panic

Hey yall!! You may have noticed I’ve been seriously slacking on the blog this past week. Sorry but trust me it’s for a good reason.

I’ve been focused on trying to give back to those in need. I just wrapped up the first ever Awkward Domestic Shelter Adoption. I’m going to be sharing all the details in my next post, but first…

!!!!!!!!!!!!HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did any one else notice that Christmas is only 4 days away?!?

That’s right people! This isn’t a drill. Get your tape and wrapping paper and head to your holiday bunker because it’s time to get serious!

I’ll be doing the same…well after I purchase gifts🤦🏾‍♀️

Somehow, I haven’t purchased a single holiday gift for my family. Did I somehow magically forget? Nope. Had I hoped that some mystical fairy would sneak into my home and leave neatly wrapped and labeled gifts for each of my family members under my Christmas tree? Probably! But alas, that hasn’t happened yet so it’s time to get my butt in gear.

Wish me luck! How’s your holiday shopping going? Who is the hardest person for you to shop for? How do you budget for the holidays?? Leave your answers in the comments below! Please&thanks🎄🎄

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