Ugly Sweater 2018

Welcome back! Thanks for stopping in at the Blog today, I’ve missed you! If you weren’t able to make it to our 5th Annual Ugly Sweater Party this past weekend, I miss you even more!

No worries, this week I’ll be sharing pictures from the party in three installments. If your pictures aren’t featured today, trust me, they are coming.

Every great party needs a great invite. I sent out these beauties to let our guest knew we were ready to get festive af!

If you checked out my last post you, already know I was working on a photo backdrop. Here are the results!

Mr. AD was on hand to take fabulous pictures of our guests. If you live in the DC Metro Area, be sure to keep him in mind for all of your photography needs especially during the holiday season! He can be found on Instagram DM him to find out about the specials he’s currently running.

I love a good theme!! Lucky for me, most of our guest were decked out in their best Ugly Sweater Gear!

👆🏾When you and your best friend of almost 20 years crack each other up in the photo booth…MAGIC!

When you realize your partner is insane😂

Love him!

Thanks again for stopping by! I’ll drop the next set of pictures tomorrow at noon. These pictures were gorgeous! I wish you all could have been there.

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