Ugly Sweater Photo Backdrop Preview

Welcome back friends! Today I’m giving you a sneak peek of the photo backdrop I designed for our Ugly Sweater Party. I’m saving the grand reveal until after the party because I’m a total tease! Sorry, not sorry.

You know the only thing I love more than a theme, is a good deal. For this look, I headed to my dollar store with a budget of $15.

I was instantly drawn to all of the wrapping paper! What better (**cough** cheaper) way to cover a huge wall space than by using a $1 roll of wrapping paper?!? I also snagged 4 oversized ornaments, a container of 12 small ornaments, green tinsel, red tinsel an elf hat and two Santa hats to use as props.

The many faces of crafting…

Confession: I have a ton of Christmas crap. To complete the display, I dug into my Christmas bins for all kinds of goodies.

I found a prelit wreath, garland, lights, more ornaments and inspiration!

I needed a way to hide the ugly seam where the two sheets of wrapping paper came together. The garland was perfect for that.

Once I got rolling, it was super easy. I used mini command hooks to hang the items from the wall. I love the fact that they don’t damage my walls and I can reuse them in the future for other projects.

I can’t wait for you all to see the final product!!

What are you working on for the holidays?!? Share please! Leave a comment below to let me know and tag me on insta so I can see all of your awesome projects! I’m @theawkwarddomestic on Instagram.

Happy crafting guys🎄🎄

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