Livening Up the Living Room: Christmas Addition

For some reason, decking the halls has been more of a chore than a celebratory event. Perhaps it’s because our beautiful fall pumpkin display didn’t seem quite ready for the compost. Maybe it’s because I still have soo much content that I’ve yet to share from Thanksgiving. More likely, it’s due to me storing the Christmas decorations in the shed, only to discover an ornament turned ant bomb when I started pulling everything out.

Ants in your ornaments are no fun people!

Alas, it’s time to move on. Our 5th Annual Ugly Sweater Party is this coming weekend so like it or not, I had better get festive fast.

Our living room color scheme doesn’t naturally pair with the reds and greens commonly used in holiday decorating. The blues yellows and pinks are perfect for staving off wintertime blues, but left me underwhelmed with my current assortment of ornaments.

Here is our tree from last year:

Yes, it was cute but being a stickler for the details, the lack of a cohesive color pallet really bothered me.

This year, I was lucky enough to find a jumbo container of complimentary colored ornaments at Hobby Lobby. They were originally priced at $20. The 50% off sale meant they were both cute and AFFORDABLE! I also got these adorable lime green balloon dog ornaments and the tiny pink glitter balls and extra garland.

Everything was 50% off. An awesome sale like this would usually get me in the mood to decorate. Unfortunately since I purchased these items in mid-November, the thrill was long gone.

I started by decorating the short railing going up the stairs from the living room to our master bedroom.

Along with the hobby lobby decorations,

I also used clear ornaments and lights that I originally purchased years ago.

I left my living room in a state of holiday havoc for the better part of a week as I decorated different parts of the house. Trust me, it wasn’t pretty.

The next item on the to-decorate list was the table top tree. These bright bold colors are a much better match for my living room.

I finished off the living room by hanging white star string light across the windows.

These were so cheap! I found them in the discount section in the front of Target. The star lights are battery powered and of decent quality and length considering they were only $5 each. What do you think of the completed look?? Do you stick with traditional colors while decorating? Let me know in the comments below or tag me on insta with your decorations so I can see them!

Happy decorating y’all!

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