To Dinner or Not to Dinner

Guess whose still sick?🙋🏾‍♀️ This gal! And guess who still has to get off their butt and go make dinner? That’s right, me again🤦🏾‍♀️. Yesterday, I took the day off to lay in bed, sleep, and try to recuperate but alas, another evening is upon us and we are completely out of the delicious take out I ordered yesterday. It was so good, I’m sitting here reminiscing about the left over plantains and guacamole that I had for breakfast this morning.

There are so many tasty options waiting to be cooked in the kitchen. I can almost hear them beckoning onto me…cook us! Pauline….please COOK US! Was that creepy? Probably, am I creepy? Definitely!

So while Mr. AD sorts through his ever expanding hot wheels collection…

It’s serious stuff guys

I’ll be whipping up everyone’s favorite brussel sprouts. That’s what I call my brussel sprouts recipe: Everyone’s Favorite Brussel Sprouts. Trust me, they are delicious and a one pot dish which can’t be beat!

Don’t think I’m letting Alfredo off the hook that easy. I’ll surely be calling on him to snap pictures while I cook because I’m that annoying blogger girlfriend and he’s that photographer boyfriend. #Perks!

Seriously, he’s constantly snapping pictures of me.

As soon as I got downstairs, BOOM!! Plot twist! My roommate Chris came home and brought dinner for everyone! Hazaaaa!!

The sprouts will have to wait for another day. Now back to lounging. I had written the beginning of this post while I was procrastinating before cooking so I figured I might as well post. Life happens, and when it leads to relaxing instead of slaving away in the kitchen, I’m all for it!

Worry not, tomorrow I’ll be back in the kitchen. It’s a toss up between doing the brussel sprouts and a meaty red sauce for pasta. I’ll see what the Mr. is in the mood for and weigh that in my decision making.

I hope you all had restful weekends. As the weather changes, remember to stay warm and take time for self care.

Thanks for stopping by!

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