Hennessy infused Marble Cupcakes

Fun fact: I have never baked a marble cake. Well, maybe once as a child but I’m fairly certain that would have been straight out of a box. In my world, boxed doesn’t count as baking.

Then this morning happened. Last week a friend placed an order for 12 Hennessy infused marble cake cupcakes. I knew they were due today. Usually, I try to bake a batch or two of a new recipe before making a paid order, however I’ve been under the weather. I woke up, chugged some liquid Mucinex, chased it with Thera flu and headed to the kitchen.

After doing a quick Pinterest search for marble cake recipes I decided I was on my own. The recipes I found just didn’t feel right. One called for 8 cups of flour! How many cakes were they making?!? I decided to go with my classic short cake recipe for the white sections and chocolate cake for the brown. After I made the short cake batter, I loaded it into a piping bag. This made placing the batter where I wanted it in the cupcake liner a lot easier.

I’ve memorized my short cake recipe because I bake it so often. I can’t say the same for chocolate cake. Something inside of me told me to wing it. I’ve baked chocolate cake dozens of times and almost always use slightly different recipes. Today, I threw a bunch of ingredients that felt cakey enough into the bowl of my stand mixer and prayed for the best. I ended up with a beautifully silky chocolate batter.

I scooped a oversized spoon of chocolate batter into each cupcake liner and then piped the short cake on top. I dragged a knife through each a couple of times. I was hopeful that I had done just enough to create the marble effect without completely mixing the two batters.

I baked the cupcakes in a 360 degree oven for roughly 16 minutes.

They turned out as expected. The marble effect was achieved and the flavor was spot on.

For the frosting, I used good quality Amish Roll butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and Hennessy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the better the butter, the better the frosting. I do not advise using any “butter” that says cream butter or any of the cheap stuff in baking (or at all). You want a delicious high fat European or Amish butter. If Amish Roll Butter isn’t readily available in your area, try Kerrygold Irish butter or another higher quality butter.

Here are the final results. Mr. AD, my favorite taste tester said they were delicious. I’m training him to become a cupcake snob and reject subpar sweets so I trust his opinion.

Now that the order has been picked up, I’m heading back to bed. Of course I took a cupcake with me. What good is baking if I can’t enjoy the spoils of my labor?! 😉

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