Your Vote, Your Voice

Thirty two years ago, a pregnant young woman, only twenty seven years old came to America with a growing belly. She left behind her first born child, her lover, her job and most of her family on a quest for liberty. The young woman had grown up in the small West African nation of Liberia. It was plagued with corruption and teetering on the edge of civil war. She was chasing promises of stability and a better future.

I was blessed to be the bump in her belly. Today, as I cast my ballot to vote, I did so with the hope of fulfilling those promises not just for my own family, but for all families who live in America who aren’t able to vote.

I don’t remember when the world became such a scary place; where hate was tolerated and fear was used to turn us against our neighbors. I voted today in defiance of current trends. I voted today because I still believe in the American Dream, civility and democracy.

No matter who you are or what party affiliations you have, I pray that you also voted today. I pray we elect leaders on both sides of the aisle who understand that what unites us is much more important than what divides us.

Thirty two years from now, I hope we can all look back at this period in history and be proud of ourselves.

Proud that we stood up against injustice

Proud that we overcame bigotry

Proud that we treated others with the dignity and respect we’d hope to be treated with

Proud that we made our voices heard when it really mattered.

Happy Election Tuesday Everyone. Please remember that no matter who wins, your neighbors are still human beings, just like you.

Thanks for stopping by. If you haven’t already, GO VOTE!

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