Tequila Infused Key Lime Cupcakes

The idea of infusing cupcakes with alcohol is intriguing to some and off-putting to others. I’ve found the key to making infused cupcakes a hit, is finding the right cake and frosting flavors to compliment the alcohol.

Tequila and lime are a classic combo. If you try one of my tequila infused key lime cupcakes, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s an instant classic.

I started with a key lime flavored cupcake. My favorite part of a key lime pie is the graham cracker crust. I incorporated graham crackers into the middle layer by crushing them, and adding them to a key lime pudding that I made.

Next I whipped up a batch of my basic butter cream. I added fresh lemon juice, lime juice and key lime juice. I added just enough tequila so you can taste it without feeling like you’re taking a shot.

I premixed a batch of tequila with and key lime juice for the test tube shots.

After assembling the cupcakes they received a sprinkling of gold sugar flakes.


If you want to try one of these, (or any of my other cupcake varieties) feel free to email me at theawkwarddomestic@gmail.com or contact me via direct message on insta. I service the DC Metro Area.

Thanks for stopping by:) Happy Baking Loves!

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