Weekly Arrangement: Pumpkin Addition

This week’s Weekly Arrangement is a little different. Instead of arranging flowers, we’re doing PUMPKINS (insert Oprah voice)!!! In my last post I told you I wanted to get real about front porch holiday decorations. I selected the most simple of the four inspo photos I shared with you, and broke down how much it would cost to replicate. It came to nearly $170! I set a budget for $75 and decided to use things I already had to help fill in my layout and cushion the budget.

Im going to breakdown everything I used to get this look but first the grand reveal:

Im really pleased with how it all came together.

I love how the stacking pumpkins and mums add height and texture.

I actually like this look a lot better at night with the candles lit. Check back tomorrow for the nighttime setup.

So let’s break down the materials:

First, here are the things I already owned:

  • 2 large white fake pumpkins
  • 1 fake wooden pumpkin
  • All green candle votives

Here are the things I purchased and their prices:

  • 4 large stacking Pumpkins and 5 tiny pumpkins-$30
  • 1 decorative “two tier” pumpkin-$6
  • 1 medium bale of hay-$7
  • 1 pot of mums-$10
  • 3 gourds-$8
  • 1 large orange pumpkin-$8
  • 1 pack of spider webs-$3
  • 1 roll of crime scene tape-$3

Total $75!!

Confession: The entire time I was shopping this design I thought I had gone over budget! I was really dreading having to admit it couldn’t be done.

Yesterday’s trip to the pumpkin patch saved me. I found the bale of hay and the mums there. I knew they would balance out the stacking pumpkins and add the perfect pop of fall color.

All the mums in my area were half this size and at least $5-7 more expensive! Thank goodness for Jumbo’s Farm in Fredrick County Maryland. It was well worth the drive. They also came with the cute pot they are sitting in.

The fabulous stacking pumpkins and the tiny ones are from Trader Joe’s. The big ones were 6.99 each and the little ones only were .60. If you follow the Awkward Domestic instagram page, you may have caught my Trader Joe’s run in my insta stories. I went in for flowers but I was completely captivated by these spectacular pumpkins! BTW being captivated by pumpkins is totally normal…right?!

The “two tier” pumpkin is my favorite. One of my work kids picked it out. When he saw it his little face lit up as he told me how beautiful it was so I knew it was the pumpkin for me. I told him I’d think of him every time I saw it and I certainly do.

How have you updated your entrance for the season? Tag me in your pics on Instagram @theawkwarddomestic so I can see!

Thanks for stopping by!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marie Mckenzie says:

    About to use these idea’s for my set up for November 🙂


    1. If you need any help, let me know! I’d be glad to help:)


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