Fine Auntie Friday: Volume 3


You know what that means! It’s time to round up our Fine Ass Aunties and celebrate them in all their glory. This week was a tough one because there are so many women of both tremendous character and beauty killing it in the entertainment industry. As you’ve probably noticed, it takes more than just a pretty face to make it on our Fine Auntie Friday List. This week is no exception.

#3 Rupi Kaur

Last year I came to know and love Rupi’s work. I picked up her widely acclaimed book of poetry Milk and Honey and took it with me on a work trip to Europe. Her poetry was gripping. She made me cry, laugh but mostly she made me grateful for healing. If you haven’t checked it out, DO. It’s a super quick read. It’s worth spacing out the work. Read five or six each day and really allow yourself to process the words on the page. Not only is she incredibly talented but she’s also gorgeous!

#2 Amanda Seales

We love her on HBO’s smash hit Insecure but personally we love her unfiltered instagram post even more. Amanda Seales is smart, funny, outspoken and opinionated. How could we not love a strong woman? The fact that she can do it all while looking this good is a major bonus. I’m anxiously awaiting the book that she’s in the process of writing.

#1 Viola Davis

When I first saw this image of Viola I stopped and screamed, “Queeeen!!!” How could I not? Viola’s character on ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder, is wickedly brilliant, cunning and in control. Mrs. Davis seems to be equally poised in her own life. Hearing her speak about the unequal playing field in the entertainment industry not as someone playing a victim, but as a force whose consciously and successfully creating change is refreshing. Every aspect of this photo is swoon worthy. Her natural hair, her flawless dark chocolate complexion and that dress…perfection.

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