Fall Inspo: Get Inspired and Real

This is not a drill, all hands on Flannel! We are only a week away from Halloween! Have you been properly pumpkined…you know, spiced, picked, baked or patched? Have you read up on leaf peeping and taken the appropriate selfies? Is your front door/porch or stairs decorated and ready to receive trick-or-treaters?? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then I suggest you get to it! Luckily for you, we’re going over fall inspo on today’s blog and helping you get not only inspired but breaking down what it takes to keep up with some of my favorite fall traditions and trends.

We’ve all seen the gorgeous shots on Instagram.

The pumpkins overflowing…

The perfectly placed Mums….

The spiderwebs cascading down around doorways.

This is fall!

But how realistic is putting together something this swanky. I headed to both my local grocery and hardware stores to price assorted sizes of pumpkins and mums to see how hard it would be to recreate these fall master pieces.

The picture above has 20 full size pumpkins and 4 tiny pumpkins. Full sized pumpkins are roughly $5.99 while tiny pumpkins can be purchased for .69. That’s about $120 for the larger pumpkins, $2.76 for the smaller pumpkins and $44.97 for the mums at $14.99 each. That’s $167.73.

Now I don’t know about you but to me, that’s a lot of money to spend on Halloween decorations.

I’m a fairly new home owner. I closed on my house roughly one year ago. There have been so many hidden expenses in the first year of home ownership. If you own a home you probably know what I mean, if you don’t, you’re lucky. I underestimated how convenient it was to be able to call a property manager when there was an issue. Now I’m the property manager, decorator, handyman and more. The biggest lesson I’ve learned this past year is to slow down. I love decorating but when I think about the huge expense of recreating glossy images for my own home, I know it’s best to pace myself. If I purchase a few things each year, in time my collection of holiday decore will grow.

For now, I’m going to be setting a more reasonable budget of $75. I originally said $50 so this feels like I’m splurging. Check back soon to see how I make a little go a long way as I decorate my front porch.

Photo 1 credit: @laurenswells via Instagram

Photo 2 credit: @justagirlblog via Instagram

Photo 3 credit: Instagram, author unknown

Photo 4 credit: @myMitzi via Instagram

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