It’s Raining in the Basement

Sometimes, life rains on your parade. Today, my kitchen is raining down into my basement. I’m doing my best to not let this situation get me down.

I was discussing stress management with my girlfriends when one of them, author and mom blogger Nikita Hudson, came up with a brilliant strategy. She suggested when we found ourselves focusing on negative circumstances in our lives, we should take a second to breathe and then say something else.

Now, “say something else” has become a mantra that helps me get through the days.

Stuck in traffic? At least my play list is stacked with jams. Tons of laundry to tackle? When I’m done, I’ll have a ton of outfit options.

Last night, I came home to a flooded basement caused by a leak from my kitchen sink on the floor above. I spent an hour and a half on two phones calling my home owners insurance and home warranty companies.

I only finished renovating the basement two months ago. Seeing water seep from under my new floors and cause my walls to bubble was almost too much for me.

As much as the house needed my attention in that moment, I had to take time to focus on myself. For once I turned things over to the guys and allowed myself to be frustrated. Mr. AD and my roommate Chris finished the cleaning. After a much needed back rub and chatting with two of my girlfriends I was in a much better headspace. It was a laugh to keep from crying situation and at one point during the conversation, I laughed so hard that I nearly cried. Girlfriends are a gift.

Yes, owning a home can be a huge headache. Things can and will inevitably go wrong, however owning a home is also a huge blessing. Sharing my home with my roommate, who is far more like a brother and the man I love is also a blessing. I’m not alone in this.

My contractor was able to come out this morning. He cut a hole in the ceiling to find the source of the leak and repaired the pipe. Instead of dwelling on the costs (or the hole), I once again decided to say something else.

Thank goodness we caught this before it became a much bigger issue. Wow, I’m glad my contractor was able to come out so quickly. I’m so lucky to have a wonderful support system to help me traverse the hardships of home ownership.

What obstacles have you faced since buying a home? How did you handle them? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by the blog, and for all of your support. It means a lot to me.

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