Weekly Arrangement

I don’t know very much about flowers. I don’t know most of their names or the peak season for most blooms. I’ve been told that flowers, like names have a meaning and a story. While I’d love to learn, I’m just not there yet. Luckily for me, I do know how to make things look pretty (it’s kind of my super power).

When I make a floral arrangement (which is fairly often), I concern myself with three main factors COLOR, TEXTURE and HEIGHT. If you’re able to balance these elements you’ll create truly stunning arrangements.


Even when creating a “white” floral arrangement, it’s still important to consider the shades of white you’ll be utilizing. Make sure they match! Do your best to balance your blooms with the color of the greenery.

If you’re going for a more colorful bouquet, choose a few complimentary shades of the the same color and one or two accent colors.


Flowers vary greatly in texture. From the fluff English Rose to the almost waxy exterior of a Calla Lilly, the diversity is endless.


Personally, I love a tall arrangement. They are naturally more dramatic. Sometimes I like to layer flowers in taller arrangements.

Trader Joe’s is my go to destination for fresh cut flowers. Their prices can’t be beat. I created this arrangement for less than $25!

I go to a floral wholesaler if I’m putting together more than 3 arrangements. Usually if you contact your wholesaler a couple weeks in advance and let them know what you need get incredible discounts. The company I work with gives up to a 30% discount for advanced bulk orders.

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