Fine Auntie Friday Volume 1

This week was tough. There were sooo many fine Auntie looks that I wanted to share but I had to cut it down to our top three contenders


Looking like a golden goddess, Auntie Angela Rye proves you can be smart, political and flawless all at once. I love the modesty of the high neckline. The dress hugs her womanly curves in all the right ways.


None of our Auntie Angela’s came to play this week! Angela Bassett is a bad ass 60 year old and major goals. In her latest shoot for a Allure, she looks ethereal.


If you follow me on Instagram you probably already knew Tracee came in first place this week. She looked flawless at the AMA’s this year and this African print look was a total standout!

Let’s get to our honorable mentions:

If Cardi B was old enough to be an auntie she may have taken the crown this week. For now she takes home an honorable mention as a fly ass cousin/homegirl!

Could this look on Julia Roberts be any more gorgeous?!? I think not. At 50 years young she continues to shine as one of my favorite Pretty Women.

We’ve all seen that meme about all of us having as many hours in a day as Beyonce. Well I’m calling BS! This woman clearly has a world class team behind her. She wakes up and slays us 7 days a week. I’ve learned to simply praise B for the magical unicorn she is while withdrawing her from regular competition…it wouldn’t be fair to anyone else if Beyonce was an option.

Whose looks did you love this week? Let me know who made your list in the comments! Make sure you’re following the blog and my Instagram for the latest posts.

All looks sourced from the respective ladies Instagram accounts except for Angela Basset. Her look was featured on Allure’s website. Please visit their pages for details about designers, stylists and glam info. Edits by me.

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