White Cake Cupcakes…(try to say that 5 times fast!)

Today I’m trying out a tasty recipe by Robyn Stone over At a Pinch. I’ve been wanting to revamp my white cake recipe for a while now. When I stumbled upon Robyn’s recipe on Pinterest I knew it was time to breakout the stand mixer!

Im doing cupcakes so I’ll need to adjust my bake time. I need 25 plus a few for my taste testers😉

Tonight my nephew and his buds are having a camp out in the backyard so I’ll have the perfect group to test out the results. Wish me luck (with the camp out and the cupcakes)!

Here are the ingredients:

Make sure you check out Robyn’s original post:


Let’s break down the steps:

Step 1: Measure out all of your ingredients, not just get them out…measure them! Trust me. I’ve done a lot of baking and the worst thing you can do is accidentally add baking powder to a recipe twice because you don’t remember if you’ve already put it in. Bonus, pre-measured items look great in pics👍🏾

Step 2: Combine flour, salt and baking powder. Whisk.

Step 3: Combine buttermilk, whole milk and vanilla.

Step 4: Cream together sugar and shortening for roughly 2 minutes. Then, scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl.

Step 5: With the mixer on medium speed add the sugar slowly allowing the sugar to cream with the shortening and butter mixture.

Step 6: Add the remaining ingredients alternating wet and dry. When ever a recipe says this, they always specify that you should begin and end with dry. I don’t know why but I go with it.

I ended up with an incredibly silky batter.

It made double the number of cupcakes the original recipe claimed it would yield.

The original recipe said to bake for 18 minutes for cupcakes. My cupcakes were done in 15 minutes so watch your bake!

I’m going to refrigerate the cupcakes overnight and finish them tomorrow with piped buttercream swirls and gold and candied gold flecks.

Here are the results:

I went with a mix of 3 sticks of butter, the juice of one whole lemon, 4 oz of cream cheese and enough powdered sugar to sweeten (without being too sweet) for the frosting. It was delicious.

I finished them off with candied gold flecks and lace cut out collars. Let me know if you want a link for the collar. I purchased them on amazon.

In a sea of reject cupcakes, one reigns supreme! I always over bake the number of cupcakes I need by at least 6 so I can pick the best amongst them for decorating.

Comment below or email me for order info

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