Backyard Go Bag

Secret agents, spies, doctors, pregnant women and end of the world preppers all have go bags. While theirs may be far more exciting than mine, my backyard go bag is every bit as practical.

Our backyard is our favorite living space. We have dinner out there at least once a week during warmer and more tepid months so instead of assembling items to take out every week, I keep a go bag (or in this case, a go bin) prepacked.

This might seem unnecessary but believe me, I don’t miss running back and forth to the kitchen for bug spray or napkins.

I found the galvanized bucket/bin at Marshall’s. I’m sure you can find something similar in your area or on Amazon.

What’s in the bin:

-Cute colorful cloth napkins. Keep cloth napkins handy. They are a great way to save the planet and cold hard cash!

-Reusable or recyclable silverware. Make sure this is separate from the set you use daily

-Bug Spray and Citronella Oil. If you live in the DC area you know how serious our mosquito problem is…yuck!

-a Lighter. Bug spray is only step one in our mosquito defense system. I always keep a lighter handy for free standing and table top tiki torches/lamps.

-Folding Fans they are super cute and make hot nights far more bearable

-Disposable plates and napkins (we hardly ever use these but they are great for sharing) we use nicer options and usually rinse and reuse the plates

The handle on the bin allows me to hang the bin on the inside of my pantry. Win!

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