Dinner Party Done Right

Nothing makes me feel fancier than hosting a dinner party! I love every part of it. From selecting the right tablecloth or placemat, to creating a tasty menu that guests are sure to enjoy, hosting is my jam! This post is all about simple steps you can take to make hosting a breeze.

Here are a list of a few basic pieces I think every hostess should keep on hand in order to pull off no fuss dinner parties.

White table clothes:

White table clothes are great as a base. You can use them year round no matter what the holiday or theme. Throw on a festive table runner and you’re all set.

Tea Lights:

Nothing creates ambiance faster or easier than candle light. Pick up a bag of 100 tea lights at IKEA for around $5 and you’ll have perfect lighting all year!


Votives, aka tea light holders are a great way to add color and romance to a table. There are so so many options that they easily fit in any budget. I just found cheap yet classy options in the bargain section at the front of Target. Tip: go with colors you use frequently. I throw an Ugly Sweater Party every year so I collect a lot of red and green items because I know I’ll reuse them. I shy away from actual Christmas themed items preferring solids instead. I can reuse my solid red items for Valentine’s Day. Depending on the theme, the green items are frequently repurposed throughout the year. If you don’t celebrate holidays another tip is go clear! I pick up clear glass, silver or gold mercury glass since I like using metallic accent pieces. The clear glass goes with everything. You can always add a ribbon or piece of fabric for a custom look.


Flowers=Instant Wow Factor! Keep a block vase and a round vase on hand to accommodate different arrangements. Don’t have time to pick up flowers? Arrange complementary vases together and fill them with water. Float candles on top. Bam! Instant center piece.

Tip: Don’t pay for a floral arrangement if you have access to cheap loose blooms. In my area we have Trader Joe’s Grocery stores. They are amazing for numerous reasons, not least of which is their incredible selection of fresh cut flowers.

Cloth Napkins:

This might sound crazy but I think cloth napkins are a dining status symbol. Think about it, when you go out to dinner and there are paper napkins wrapped around silverware doesn’t it scram casual dining. Compare that to a restaurant with cloth napkins. You subconsciously know there are different expectations for the dining experience. If there is a napkin in my lap, I’m expecting good service and higher quality food. I also love the fact that they are reusable.

I hope these tips help you the next time you’re shopping for your hosting needs or planning a dinner party.

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