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Hey Again!

As I’ve mentioned, last year, I purchased my first home. The process was stressful at times but I felt empowered to be doing it as a single 30 year old woman.

There is NO WAY I would have gotten through the home buying process without my team of family, friends, and professionals. Maybe I’ll do a post with contact info for my realtor, lending officer and home inspector’s contact info if anyone is interested. If you live in Maryland I highly recommend them.


I think I toured 10-12 houses before settling on a cozy 3 bedroom, 3 bath Cape Cod with a dreamy backyard.

Above is an image of what the house looks like now. Here are some before pictures:



As soon as I saw the backyard, I knew it had the potential to become our favorite place to host and hangout.



We’ve already used it to host some pretty epic water gun fights and bbq’s.






I cook and bake…A LOT! I needed room to spread out and I didn’t want to be isolated while I was cooking.



With the dining room being right off of the kitchen, I can chat with friends while I prep a meal. I also loved the fact that it was already updated!

The only major purchase for the kitchen was a new dishwasher.


The dining/sunroom is so bright and sunny! Luckily, it came with vertical blinds. They help the room stay much cooler on sunny days.



They are also really dated. I haven’t replaced them yet because window coverings can be pricey and I’d need a lot since most of the walls are in fact windows.


There is a first floor master bathroom but I decided to take the top floor instead. This space feels super cozy because of the sloped roof. The main floor master may be a bit bigger but it doesn’t have a private bathroom like the upstairs space. The entire upper floor is my bedroom. It still needs a good bit of reworking.

The master bath is small but functional. The shower is actually a decent size. I wish there were a linen closet but it’s my first home so it can’t have everything on my wish list:)





You can’t tell from the pictures but this space was a NIGHTMARE! Check back for the basement remodel post coming soon!




There was a cramped front room with kitchen and dining/living room areas divided by bar that was simply too high for the basements low ceilings.

This blue carpet smelled disgusting. They were carpet tiles that the previous owner had glued to an unsealed concrete floor.

I can’t wait to share pictures of the not-so-new place.  For me, decorating is half the fun and I’ve got countless funky upgrades to come.

Check out my post on the living room. It’s the brightest room in the house. It’s also the closest to being finished.

I just completely remolded my basement! Stay tuned for that post, it might take two posts to cover all the changes (and the contractor headache). Make sure you check that one out if you’re planning on remodeling. I learned a lot of valuable lessons that I’d love to share with you.

Thanks again for stopping by! If you have any questions about the home buying process, moving, packing etc. feel free to comment below. As a renter I moved 4 times in 5 1/2 years so I now feel like a seasoned pro. It’s great knowing this is the last time I’ll have to move for years to come:)

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