There’s a Ninja in my Cake!

Three years ago, G, one of my work kids asked me to make him a train cake for his birthday. No, he didn’t want me to draw a train on a cake. For some reason the little guy thought I could make a 3D train out of cake! Luckily for him, I was wacky enough to try. It ended up being a ton of fun but equally as tedious. My friends and roommates watched as I hunched over various cutting boards for the better part of a week, crafting a cake.

The one of best things about three (turning four) year olds are that they are easily impressed. Better still is their adulterated belief that anything is possible and that you, as a trusted adult, can make any of their desires come to life. It wasn’t pretty, but it was clearly a train and that’s all that mattered.

(Gray had pushed down on the front of the train to give himself leverage while cutting causing a bit of cake sag 😂)

Without knowing, G had planted a seed. He made me question what else I could make come to life. I now bake cakes of varying flavors and designs. I’ve done everything from an almond, maple, bacon cake shaped like a drum to a lemon cake shaped like a island (complete with volcano, waterfall and sea creatures).

It’s now four years later. Every year the boys put in their cake requests and I do my best to keep G’s belief in my caking ability alive.

This year I pumped out possibly my most impressive cake yet. No, it doesn’t look like a snap shot from a crazy baking competition but trust me, molding fondant with warm hands into 3D figures that stand and pose on their own is no joke!

Thank GOD for flower wire!

He requested a Lego Ninjago cake and Im proud to say I didn’t disappoint!

The best part of all was seeing his face when I placed the cake in front of him!

I’ll probably never be a professional baker but I still love taking on the challenges the kids throw at me and making my friends and family smile.

Are you interested in hearing about my most popular cakes? Would you like my recipe for 5 ingredient cake? Let me know! I’d love to share that and more:)

Thanks for stopping by!

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