Power Posing

Hey guys! This post is a bit unusual for me. Normally, in front of a camera I’m making a goofy face…

…or cheesing way harder than anyone should be allowed to smile in a picture.

See, told you.

Today we’re going to switch it up. We grabbed the camera and headed into the backyard for a mini shoot. For once, I dropped my goofy facade and followed Mr. AD’s direction. Here is what he captured.

I love this picture of me. That’s odd considering on the surface, it isn’t the most flattering image. I didn’t suck my gut in, it’s shot from below and the side angle of my body is all wrong for a “beauty” shot. But that’s the best part, this isn’t a beauty shot. It’s art, somehow he managed to capture the most powerful bits of me.

As women, we far too often loose sight of our power. We rebuke it, preferring to be seen as softer or more delicate. We are taught to value being sexy. We are conditioned to prioritize fragility. I’m not fragile, thank goodness! I fall down fairly often and wouldn’t have lasted nearly this long if I were:)

Shout out to the in-house photographer.

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