Mr. Awkward Domestic

For the past six years, I’ve met every man I’ve dated online. That’s right, I have app-ted my way into three relationships; scrolling, clicking, liking…it’s all very technical stuff. That statement likely either made you cringe, or had zero effect on you what-so-ever because you are fellow millennial trash.

Anywho, last April I was living my best single gal life when I started longing for something more. A month later, (after a missed connection) my current love and I chatted briefly online. A few hours later we had exchanged phone numbers and by that evening I was awkwardly prepping myself for our first date.

Because my timing is as awkward as my chosen domain name, a little more than a month later I departed DC for the first 5 week leg of a summer of 9 total weeks of work travel. I thought, let’s keep this casual but fate had other plans. From my bedroom in Belgium, (a 6 hour time difference away), I found myself falling in love. He’d wake up at ridiculous hours to talk to me while I found myself falling asleep on the phone to the sound of his voice. There is something really special about removing the physicality from a budding relationship and getting to know a partner for who they really are. I wouldn’t change a thing.

A VERY RARE Normal picture of Mr. AD!

That October I closed on my first home. He had gone to all the open houses, comforted me through every panicked moment of the home buying experience but we both knew I had to do it on my own. We moved in the weekend after closing. I say we because quite naturally, he never went home. Somehow, we both understood that it was our home. We made it official in February when he gave up his place.

This relationship has broken all the rules. How long you have to wait before or between dates, how long you should wait before meeting one another’s families, when you should move in together… but this relationship is also teaching me more than any other has. If you find something magical, run with it. We started running and haven’t looked back.

New Orleans for my 30th last year

So why even discuss my love life? Because it’s pretty damn hard to do the whole Domestic Goddess thing without someone to help you lug home the oversized boxes from Ikea and the occasional Costco run.

Also, everyone knows the key to a successful starter blog is the photographer boyfriend! Thanks for the cute shots, handing me things that are too high to reach, but mostly thanks for being my bestie babe.

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  1. Marcia Foxx says:

    Love it, you guys are super cute!

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