Then… Adulthood Happened

Does anyone else feel like one day you just woke up and you were suddenly an adult? As if you had a Freaky Friday-esque experience that teleported you into a world of rent, CNN updates and drapery options?? Well, I sure as hell feel that way almost daily.

I often yearn for the days when the biggest stressors I had to face were college applications and curfew. But nope, by some twist of fate, (aka roughly 12 years passing) my incredibly awkward self is now a fully functioning adult…almost fully.p

(Adulting in Brussels, Belgium)

You see on paper, I’m killing it but in my mind… I’M FREAKING OUT! The last year of my life was a crash course in adulting. I turned 30, bought my first house, purchased my first grown up car, met my amazing boyfriend and managed to not kill my cat. It feels like my most frequently used apps went from social media to credit karma (ok you got me, Im still addicted to insta, but Im a millennial so its only natural).

(Because all cute cape cod’s look cozier in the snow)

Anywho, in the midst of picking paint samples and crafting 3D fondant figures for birthday cakes I realized I was completely wasting what could be valuable content. I could and should be sharing all these adventures with you my precious internet pals.

Please, please, please let me know what you’d like to see! I’ve got lots of transformations from the house, travel tips and pics, recipes and hosting tips. Of course no self respecting blog would be complete without a DIY or 10. I’m hoping you guys can help give me advise with design dilemmas I’ve been struggling with and finally cure my not so green thumb.

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