Awkward Greetings

Pro of Online Greeting:

We can skip the whole awkward do-we-shake-hands-or-hug greeting. Instead, rest assured knowing I’m giving you an overly enthusiastic smile and wave combo, you know what I’m talking about; it says I’m friendly but I’d rather not be touched. I’m approachable but skittish much like a cat.

Con of Online Greeting:

You completely miss out on my adorably odd inflections and nervous giggle.

(Wondering if my sense of humor works in print form…yet to be determined)

Anywho: I’m Pauline and I’m the Awkward Domestic. I’ve always loved hosting, crafting, and designing both events and spaces. I’ve spent years doing it for myself and my loved one and now I’m finally getting around to writing it all down.

Hopefully you’ll stop in from time to time for my projects and adventures in adulting:)

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