Happy Blog Birthday

The Awkward Domestic is officially one year old. I want to start by thanking anyone who has clicked a link, made a recipe or shared a kind word. Your support means more than you’ll ever know.

As I reflect on the last year, I have a lot of mixed feelings. While I’m happy I finally took a chance and started a blog, nagging feelings and guilt about not being consistent enough plague me. Only improving these areas can silence the little voices, but I also have to give myself the same patience and kindness I do readily extend to others.

Its a struggle. Part of me wonders what the point of all of this is. I have to remind myself that I do this because I enjoy the process. If I weren’t blogging, I’d still be making those recipes, still decorating my home, still planning and nesting so I might as well share.

I wanted to push myself, grow beyond my comfort zone. Initially, I started blogging because I felt hopeless. I had a lot of skills that I had never had the opportunity to share and thought I never would. In a world full of pink power suits and lady bosses, it can be easy to trivialize chicken recipes and front porch displays.

Who cares about a silly garden when women are out there taking over boardrooms and burning down the patriarchy? Am I part of the problem? Is taking such pride in cooking and decorating anti-feminist?

Fuck No.

What’s anti-feminist are those among us who diminish the role of care takers. Anti-feminism tells us we should all aspire to work outside of of homes, that if we choose to see domestic duties as bliss that we are somehow gender traitors.

Feminism is respecting a woman’s right to choose. Uplifting her and her choices and acknowledging that one lifestyle isn’t superior to another. The highest level of self actualization is achieving fulfillment in one’s own terms. That’s what I intend to do.

In the coming year, I hope my personal growth will allow me to share more of myself with you. I’m more than cookie recipes and cakes. I have opinions and passions of all sorts and I’m sure that you are equally as complex and capable.

Thanks again for stopping by the blog. In case you missed the announcement, I’m officially on YouTube. I have about 10 videos up so far and I’ll be dropping a new one on my channel at least once each week. If you haven’t already pretty please follow me on Instagram! I’d love for us to be friends on social!

Remember guys, there are enough people in the world waiting to say no and tell you your dreams aren’t good enough. Believe in yourself.

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